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    Here's How Often You'd Need to Walk to Start Burning Belly Fat, According to a Trainer 21 May by Colleen Travers 0 Shares Walking is a simple, effective way to start losing weight, but if you want to see results, you'll need to get your steps in every single day and pair fat burn watch with a clean, healthy diet.

    That's true for shedding any unwanted weight in your midsectiontoo, since those inches will come off naturally when you begin losing fat all over.

    Steven recommends walking an hour each dayor splitting that time into two minute sessions, if that better fits your schedule. Just how quickly you'll see results depends on a number of factors, including your weight and the intensity of your workout.

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    For example, here's how many calories a pound woman would burn, based on her fitness level: Beginner: Walking at three to four kilometres per hour a slow, conversational pace for 60 minutes a day would burn approximately calories.

    Intermediate: Walking at 5.

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    Advanced: Walking at seven kilometres per hour a fast speed walk for 60 minutes a day would burn approximately calories. Steven explained that, since one pound of fat is equal to 3, caloriesit would take roughly two weeks for someone in that advanced category to burn enough calories to begin losing weight. For the others, it would be a bit longer.

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    Of course, anything else you can do to help create a calorie deficit — like watching your portions — will speed up that timeline. To maximise your walking workoutSteven recommends adding strength training to your routine.

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    You can also focus on abdominal exercises to help tone and tighten your core as you lose fat.