HPE 2x1Ex16 KVM IP Cnsl G2 VM CAC SW

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Number of servers, maximum Number of simultaneous users, maximum 2 Number of server ports 16 Maximum supported servers Overview Want a switch for remote management of all your servers, network devices, and technology infrastructure?

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HPE Enterprise IP KVM switches can allow an administrator to manage up to servers across two tiers from a single local console in cascaded environments. When tiered with additional HPE switches multi slim obwi installations and upgrades can be pushed to any server from the local console or remotely.

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Virtual Media allows a removable drive or ISO image to be remotely mapped to an attached server or a remote office. Implement two-factor authentication to increase security in the data center with CAC compatibility.

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The NVRAM stores the resulting configuration until a user decision is made to change the information, even if the unit loses power.

Programmable Scanning-An evaluation of system performance can be made by sequentially scanning any or all of the computers in the system. Programmable scanning allows you to determine which computers to include as well as the duration of the connection.


Improved Functionality, Performance, and Security to the Data Center Up to 32 target server ports per switch for a wider range of rack density support. It can also be multi slim obwi in the side of an HPE rack with the included rails. Password Protection-For protection against unauthorized users, the switch box provides a local password option for security purposes as well as individual user authentication and access rights for remote users.

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Tiering port. For companies requiring direct remote access in every rack can now aggregate local access to the IP Console Switches for a row of racks to a single console as well as at each rack giving them two local users.

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New video compression allows × 60Hz or x 60Hz bit color for remote sessions without impacting performance. This is the recommended interface adapter for virtual media.

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Flexible, Versatile Design.