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    This spider chart demonstrates how TraLaLa - Cantece si desene animate pentru copii performs against each of the 12 data points. The teal line represents TraLaLa - Cantece si desene animate pentru copii, and the black line represents the average performance for the channels in the Kid Activities Cartoons, Web Animation topic. Score Improvement For the channel to improve, it would help to work on the following metrics, which are areas the channel underperforms its peers.

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    These are needed to achieve velocity for any channel. Subscriber Conversion: This channel's Subscriber Conversion of is Video Amigo metrics to focus on for growth are similar to those for driving views: Meeting or beating the topic's Record of Uploads Focusing on content shown to drive up Total Engagement Focusing on likeability and Subscriber Conversion to grow the channel's base.

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    Achievements On the pierde băuturi grase corporale hand, this channel over-achieves its peers when it comes to: Total Views: This channel's Total Views of 5, is All activity starts with views. The more there are, the more spa slimming muslimah there is to grow by engaging viewers.

    View Growth: This channel's View Growth of 2. Note: As of SeptYouTube is rounding subscriber counts for channels with more than 1, Subscribers.

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    There is not enough data available at this time. See how all channels in this topic rank in Category Rankings Note: As of SeptYouTube is rounding subscriber counts for channels with more than 1, Subscribers.

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